A Real Boy (rue_deday) wrote in the_wfb_club,
A Real Boy

Breakfast cake!

And this wasn't no "left over" breakfast cake, neither. It was purpose-baked breakfast cake! (A yellow cake from a box with chocolate icing from a can.)

It's kinda funny. I introduced my (now) wife to breakfast cake. It was a tradition in my house. Mom figured we ate something and we weren't whining about it. There were four kids in the house: there were very few meals without copious whining. Plus, four kids. Breakfast cake didn't come around often.

But the first time I sprung breakfast cake on my (now) wife, she was all "Your mom wouldn't let you have cake for breakfast!" I don't know what her problem was, but I married her anyway. She also ate the cake for that long-ago breakfast. And she liked it. After she checked with Mom to make sure it was OK.

Now she's making cakes for breakfast especial.

She's come so far.
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