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mmm....brehfast...(my first post)

I found this community through my interest in hasbrowns, an essential breakfast food if I must say so.

Unfortunately, I must also note that I have to start avoiding bacon and sausage because of my high cholesterol. (sigh)

but, um, I've been eating frosted mini-wheats everyday this week. Today, I finished the package. In my honest opinion, I truly LOVE the last portion of cereal; when it's all smooshed and mashed and more crumb-like than anything. It was orgasmic.

Yesterday, for lunch, I went to I-HOP with a friend. I had the steak and eggs....and it came with hasbrowns AND pancakes. I felt like a glutton afterward, but I also felt good and happy, having had 4 different syrups on my pancakes. Yum.

Anyways, I look forward to reading about the breakfasts we all enjoy, or any interesting breakfast issues that have arisen. Cheers.
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